Futures Waikato is open to all kids under the age of 19 who are enrolled at a secondary school or below

Membership includes:

  • Junior membership at your primary local club. (Please note - Junior Memberships differ from club to club. A full Junior Membership at Riverside Golf Club will cost an extra $130.00 and a full Junior Membership at Cambridge will cost an extra $100.00. These amounts can be paid directly to the club)

  • Off-peak playing rights at the other 7 golf clubs for a low membership cost of $120. Check the playing times page for off-peak playing times. 

  • A Parent/Guardian membership option is also available for the same fee of $120 to play at the 8 golf courses.

    The stipulation of this membership is that you must always play with your child/junior member. At no other time is this membership valid. You are not registered on DotGolf and you do not have full playing rights or eligible to gain a handicap with this membership category.

    Course Availability – Please check the playing times page for details about when each course is available.

  • Access to subsidized after-school coaching by an NZPGA professional for $30 per term. 

  • Junior members receive a NZ Golf membership number which can be used to get and enter cards at the golf course.

  • A junior member can choose which club they play for in pennants, however they need to choose one and stick with it for the year.

  • Each junior member can play in club events at each club. i.e. Club Championships

  • Junior members can use facilities at the club i.e. clubhouse, café, pro shop, practice fairway and putting green

  • Membership is open to all juniors under 19 who are enrolled at a secondary School or below.


Joining is easy!!